The pleasure is all mine.

I am the Layla Hayek an international Centerfold you might have seen me on some of today’s popular Men’s International covers such as Playboy, and FHM.

Born in New York City, and raised in the Arabian peninsula. I came back to the USA as an adult to fulfill my dream of becoming an accountant (you can see where the boredom started) and soon morphed into an international sex goddess who appeared on the arms of rich men, powerful men. Perhaps this is the phase in my life where I rebel against the norm but its lead you here so it must be the right one.

A sweet and charming beauty at a humble 5’5 frame. I deploy a charisma and energy that sucks the air out of the room when I enter it. I also know how to dress my body, whether in a crisp white shirt & classic jeans, or a Classic Business Suit, once at a gala event I wore a full length transparent stealth, with only a G string underneath.

Now in my early 30s, and still single in NYC. I live in a secret world of pleasure, privilege, and Power. Perhaps a walk at a higher wire.